Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand



    Sanskrit     सर्वाङ्गासन
    IAST      sarvāṅgāsana
    English     Shoulder Stand


    1. Lie on the back
    2. Make sure head and spine are aligned and legs are straight with the feet together
    3. Place the hands beside the body with the palms facing down.
    4. Contract core muscles and, with the support of arms, raise the legs to the vertical postion
    5. When the legs are vertical, press the arms and hands down on the floor.
    6. Slowly and smoothly roll the buttocks and spine off the floor, raising the trunk to a vertical position.
    7. Turn the palms of the hands upward, bend the elbows and place the hands behind the ribcage, slightly away from the spine, to support the back. The elbows should be about shoulder width apart.
    8. Gently push the chest forward so that it presses firmly aganist the chin.
    9. In the final postion, the legs are vertical, together and in a straight line witht the trunk. The body is supported by the shoulders, nape of the neck and back of the head. The arms provide stability, the chest rests aganist the chin and the feet are relaxed.
      Start by holding the pose 10 to 30 seconds, gradually increase it to 3 to 5 minutes.
    1. Stimulates thyroid gland.
    2. Abdominal breathing is induced, improving the exchange of air in the body.
    3. Relieving the stress and massaing the abdominal orgnas
    4. Draining stagnant blood and fluid, and increasing circulation in legs
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